New FRAKTA Price List 2022

New FRAKTA Price List 2022

FRAKTA is known for keeping product prices constant over as long a period as possible. This is where we differentiate ourselves from competitors and other companies in our
industry, which turn the price screw anew every year. True to this tradition, we have only managed to make a few necessary price increases in recent years.

Unfortunately, the current economic situation makes it impossible for us to continue with this pricing policy. You, as our valued customers, are well aware of the situation yourselves. The Corona crisis has disrupted supply chains and the pricing system worldwide. There are shortages of many raw materials and prices are rising rapidly.

From May 2020 to October 2021, the price of copper per tonne almost doubled. The situation is similarly dramatic for many other industrial raw materials, but also for finished products such as electronic components and microchips.

These developments affect us and our suppliers directly and therefore we also have to adjust the prices for our products. Nevertheless, we have made every effort to remain within a tolerable range as far as possible. We hope to support you in these challenging times.

In the meantime, however, we have had to revise the 2022 price list again, as many purchase prices have changed again for us.

Here you can view our revised and from 01.10.2022 valid Download price list 2022:


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