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Accessory for Joventa-Damper Actuators

There are mechnical and electrical accessories for the adaption of Joventa damper actuators.

The Mounting Accessories for Dampers enables the realisation of a levarge operation. It is necessary in the case if there are no possiblities of mounting the actuator direct on the damper axis.

With applications where are to satisfy requirements of mechancal protection a Casing for IP65 is a avalible. It is for the Standart-, Special- and Springback-actators available.

For adjustment of modulating actuators by hand a Transmitter is avalible. There is a type for front mounting and one for surface-mounting in a box.

Duct-Temperature - Sensors are normaly a component of the fire damper actuators to close the fire protection damper at 72 degree celsius, but it can be used for springback actuators the series DA.xF to provide a additional safty function. After the releasing due to the heat the sensors have to be exchanged.


Mounting Accessory for Dampers
Protection housing where IP65 protection is necessary
Transmitters for modulation actuators
Temperature Sensors to monitor the temperature in air ducts
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